Monthly Archives: May 2006

You can’t lose what you don’t know you have

I read this post from danah the other day about the erosion of youth privacy. I think she makes a very valid point. How can you know you have lost something unless you knew you had it?

It's difficult to find a balance between freedom to explore and learn, whilst limiting potential hazards. Imagine growing up in a place without cars then landing in the middle of a big busy city. Chances are that you will step in front of one as you don't know the danger. It's just as bad to be let loose in the middle of the City street from the start as the same is likely to happen. Maybe we need to build the controlled zones where people can learn. 


What to say

So much comes into my mind when it's not convenient to write it down or publish here. There's so much to say but what to say first. I think that I think about it too much before writing, resulting in writing nothing :-(.

The aim here will be to just get posting, so let this stand as a disclaimer for poorly thought posts. 

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!