I’ll do it later

I was about to post so many times over the last few days, but either something else caught my attention or somebody came round to talk to me.

One of the distractions was a post about procrastination on Strange Attractor. I think they used the wrong CSS, so you need to scroll down to find the post. I can’t remember how I got there, just the usual look for one thing and find yourself following a completely different trail. A classic example of the subject of the article. The author, Suw Charman quotes another post by Phillip Eby who pinpoints that a key cause of procrastination is fear of doing something wrong. It may be an obvious reason and easy to sit back and say “well just start it and don’t worry”, but these kind of things lurk in your head with an amazing ability to keep you distracted.

I think I often put off posting as I always think I can make it better if I wait, and do I want some dumb comment hanging around for everyone to see.

The article is worth a read and suggests making blocks of time with rewards at the end and without enforcing big goals (the goal is the time limit). I must make a resolution to just post and not worry about it. Maybe time to add it to 43things;-).


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