Cease & desist on the cease & desist

There are so many of these Cease & Desist letters coming out over the protections of brands. Many senders of these letters such as Digg point out that they have to do this otherwise they are in danger of losing their right to their brand.

Many of the methods we use for trademarks and copyrights seem to be either too complex or too restrictive in today’s world. Maybe it’s time to re-think these ideas so that everybody can benefit. Maybe something along the lines of Creative Commons that would allow the owner of the trademark, copyright or whatever object of virtual value to describe how they want others to use it. Lawrence Lessig explains this issue so well in his book Free Culture.

Steve Borsch at Connecting the Dots has some interesting comments about the Apple move to protect “pod”. It could make people nervous enough to find a new name for their audio distribution to avoid potential issues. This in turn opens the doors for Microsoft to ensure the Zune name is available and growing in use at the launch of their product.


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