Standard Power Supplies

Valleywag links to the The New York Times report that Google is calling for standard power supplies. This is about standardising PC power supply internally, but what about other low voltage power supplies? The article goes on to talk about the Google address at CES and the request for manufacturers to sort out their power supplies.

There are so many devices that need low voltage DC power and each one comes with it’s own power supply. Each one differs in output, but why can’t we have some kind of standard for this and make life much easier. Often power supplies for devices from the same company will have different outputs, so you can’t use your old power supply for the new model. If it has the same connector and you pick up the wrong power supply, you risk damaging your new laptop / phone / game system etc. My house is full of chunky power supplies for cameras, phones, laptops, games, and even some desk lamps.

In most places I have worked you can always find a charger for a Nokia phone, but if you have any other brand you may not be so lucky. If we had a standard power supply, we could have a 12v power distribution around the house or workplace. We could reduce the clutter of different cables and the frustration of remembering where you left the charger or worse realizing you left it at work. We might even find that we could go around the world without having to get a travel adapter. Just imagine if you could plug in any device in any location without having to carry a bag full of chargers.


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