Monthly Archives: October 2006

Taking the time to blog

Some bloggers are so prolific it’s difficult to keep up with their posts. I often think I should be posting more frequently or just not take so long to write a post.

The great thing about blogs is that people can share ideas and how they do stuff. I was pleased to see on one of Robert Scoble’s posts that a good posts really should take time. It’s to easy to fall into the trap of thinking that nobody else has the same problem. I guess the next step is to actually make the time :-o.  



I like the Photowalking videoblog from the Scobleshow. There’s some useful tips in there.  

As I watched, I was thinking about what kind of shots he would get if he were constrained by the limitations of a compact camera. Hopefully we would get some tips on how to compose shots, what to look for when framing a shot, and the gotchas that you wish you had seen at the time. Another constraint would be -no photoshop. This brings it to a level of the average person in the street.

Why would this be good for Thomas and Robert as well as the rest of us?

For Thomas…

Back in August, Thomas made a post about Vista and the living room PC. He tells us how he thinks that Media Center will make the living room PC a reality by allowing us to share all that stuff on our PCs with family and friends without having to huddle round a small screen. At the end of the post he describes how, when a friend visited, he selected some photos and music and and displayed them on his 43″ plasma. This shows how this technology fits in with everyday life far better than the standard PC or even paper photographs. We don’t have to hand bits of paper round the room as we used to with photos. Remember how your neck ached unless you were the one in the middle who actually got to hold the photo? You no longer have to cram everyone around your small PC screen, you can all sit in comfort in the living room chatting and watching. Now wouldn’t it make a bigger difference if all those photos you had taken were well composed?

This also fits in with Thomas being the evangelist for Zooomr. Get more people taking better pictures and more people will understand and want to use Zooomr. Maybe it will also get people to a level where they can justify getting an SLR.

Thomas did a podcast with Tom Raftery a while back where he talked about some of his workflow (I think that was where I heard it, maybe it was on his blog). He saves all his images, but does a quick triage as he loads them into his system to tag them and rate them. This could lead on to further tutorials for workflow to manage the photos and make it easier to use them later.

 For Robert…

Robert gets to provide a “Photowalking for the masses” show. This could mean a bigger audience (more people have compact cameras than SLRs). Show us how easy it is to make pictures as you did with the videoblogging. It also fits in with his desire to bring more people into the conversation as more people can relate to it. It opens up many other possible shows about tools for storing and managing you photos. OK, so maybe people might think he hasn’t given up being the evangelist for Microsoft as we might also see how we can make the most of XP / Vista and Xbox 😉 .

For the rest of us…

We get to see how we can make the best use of all these expensive shiny toys we’ve bought.