Who is protecting your data?

I find the Department of Health comment about the release of information about trainee doctors to be very worrying…

“We apologise to any applicants whose details have been improperly accessed. This URL was made available to a strictly limited number of people making checks as part of the employment process” .

To even think that just limiting who they give the URL to was sufficient security is absurd. Even if those provided with it don’t actively pass it on, as soon as it is used it is likely to end up in several log systems – ISP cache, phishing filters, parental control filters, Google Desktop history, not to mention the potential numerous spyware functions that could be on a system.

James Naughtie Quite rightly asked Lord Hunt how people could feel confident in allowing their records to be stored in the central medical database. Lord Hunt initially tried to tell us about the benefit of storing it. Hmm, don’t worry about how safe your data is just think about the benefit.

I’m sure that  the security of the medical database will be a high priority, but what about the people who decide to dump the information into an Excel spreadsheet and put it on a web site to share with just that one person who they give the URL to?


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