Monthly Archives: May 2007

Carried with the tide

“What Privacy?” asks down the avenue as Google launches the Web history service. Being able to go back and search through the sites you looked at recently is a really useful thing. So many times I have forgotten a particular site or bookmarked it on a particular computer and been using that machine when I want to go back to the site.  The online bookmarks and now history would solve that problem, but at what cost.

The advertising industry wants to be able to provide more targeted ads, and this helps to keep all those really useful web services free. There’s a lot of data being produced about you by every click and it can be interpreted in many different ways.  The power of “free” is so strong, but the implications of exposing so much of these random thoughts and actions is understood or considered by so few. I guess we’ll all get carried by the tide one day.


The Merlin Show

I like the Merlin show. Good relaxed chats with some interesting stuff. The latest episode, an interview with John Roderick, becomes a bit of History Today at one point – “You’re French you are”.

Remember that play along moment. If only I had kept up on the guitar, I could have been a rock god!  You even get a bit of life coaching thrown in ;-).  Keep it up Merlin, I look forward to the last part and then many more shows.