Monthly Archives: October 2007

The 10 minute rule

I was at the Future of Web Apps conference a few weeks back and met up with Matt Mullenweg. He gave a really good presentation about the WordPress infrastructure and generally about building the company. One of the things that stuck in my mind was the attitude of “Hire people better than yourself or the collective IQ of your company starts to decline”. It sounds like an obvious thing, but so many people get hung up on this one.

I was talking with him later and asked the question of how not to get stuck in permanent draft mode – you know the thing where you write but never get around to actually publishing. He suggested setting a 10 minute rule. If you haven’t finished in 10 minutes then just publish what you have. It gives a clear target, gets you to actually make a post (even if it’s not that good) and builds the habit of posting. After a while you’ll begin to improve the quality of the posts you make too.

Looks like I should try it as I haven’t posted in a long time and there’s a few things in draft.