On the inside of a stroke

Wow. I just watched the TED video of Jill Bolte Taylor’s talk. It’s absolutely incredible. After she describes her background in brain research, she describes her experience as she progressed through a stroke. It’s scary and fascinating and may make you do a Scoble.

The way she describes the right brain state of connected energy and the lack of that jabbering logic telling you to make sense of everything sounds like the state Buddhist Monks have been trying to attain for so long. Just this morning coincidentally I was reading a part in Matthew Polly’s American Shaolin where he describes how he felt that kind of experience for just a few moments. He was practising the Kungfu and describes it as a form of moving meditation but wasn’t able to return to that state again.

Jill mentions that we can choose which side of the brain we allow to control us. I’d love to know how. I highly recommend watching the video of Jill (and reading Matt’s book).


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