David Davis stands up for his principles

Whatever you think of the 42 day detention period, the actions of David Davis should earn your respect.

We are lucky we are to live in a society where we have the freedom to challenge our government and to have open discussions of our views. There are too many places in the world where it is not possible to do this without fear of being “silenced”. When you consider how difficult it is to overthrow an oppressive regime once it has established itself, it’s amazing that we have the political structures that we have today.

I’m not suggesting that our government is an oppressive regime or is attempting to create one. They are taking decisions that they believe are in our best interest. I am pleased however that someone such as David Davis will take a stand to challenge these decisions and perhaps make us stop to really consider the issues at hand rather than fall pray to a moral panic. Who knows who might take power in future and take advantage of the incremental steps that may make it more difficult for an individual to stand up and challenge what they believe to be wrong.  In today’s terror fuelled political arena, it’s too easy to say yes to terror related legislation without thinking of the consequences to our own freedom.


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