This blog is about stuff. Very non-specific really. I haven’t found a particular theme that I want to settle on and I find my interests vary quite a lot. Rather than specify a narrow (or even broad) theme, I find stuff seems to sum things up quite well. Maybe one day I’ll settle on a particular theme. At the moment it’s mostly about Internet stuff, particularly the direction technology is going in with issues such as privacy and the growth of the big Internet blobs such as Google, Ebay, Yahoo etc. Well at least that’s the material that actually gets to being written. So many other things pass through without being written down. This year (2008) I’ll try to write more regularly and hopefully the other stuff will begin to form too.

As with many people who run a blog, it’s often a journey of self discovery as you find out what is apparently important enough to write about. Let’s see how it goes and welcome along for the ride.

I think Marshall Brain had the best idea for a site when he started howstuffworks.com. What a brilliant idea. Pick a topic, find out about it then post an article. An interesting job that really helps people.

The usual disclaimer goes with all words. They are my personal views and are not representative of any company or organisation with whom I may be associated.


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